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7 Hobbies You Can Learn Online!

7 Hobbies You Can Learn Online

You’re already online. Have you thought about what you’re going to do when you’re done reading this article? You could read the news, look at some cat memes, or watch music videos on YouTube. But you’ve been there and done that so many times before that it’s getting a bit old. It’s time for something refreshing. The internet is a treasure trove if you’re looking to expand your mind and learn new skills that’ll enrich your life and banish boredom. Besides, hobbies have some surprising mental health benefitsand can helpwith addiction recovery. You can even invite your friends over to join in the fun. Here are some ideas.

Playing an Instrument

The internet is a great resource for learning to play a new instrument, whether you want to learn via videos, downloadable instructions, or with a one-on-one instructor. You can find lessons for free on sites like YouTube, or you can sign up for services like Lessonface, which connect you with an instructor in real time. It’s never been easier to become a rockstar from the comforts of home!


Place your laptop so everyone can see as you take your first tentative steps to the waltz, cha cha or merengue. Dancingputs your mind and body to work in an activity that’s as therapeutic as it is fun, which is ideal for seniors looking to keep their edge as well as those recovering from addiction.


Everyone should know how to do this, as it’s a basic life skill. Besides, it will help you stay healthy because you can control what goes in your food, unlike when you’re eating out. Perhaps the best part is controlling the tasteand preparing a meal exactly the way you want while having a little fun slicing, dicing, steaming, and baking. Be careful, though. If you’re going to bring the laptop into the kitchen, don’t spill anything on it.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to add a little doodle to your Christmas cards before sending them out? That’s another thing you can learn quickly and easily with the help of video instructionat Drawspace that guides you through sketches line by line, helping you create realistic portraits, landscapes, or even comic strips. Besides having something to show your friends, you’ll hone your abilities to visualize the world around you while develo