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Merry Holidays!!

Hello beautiful humans!

Happy December. I’m so excited as this is my birthday month and of course the big crazy holiday season. This December 3rd, my friend Elizabeth Joy Terrell and i released our first ever duo album together. It’s of course a Christmas album! I hope you like it. Please head over to the store section and take a gander. It’s something we’re insanely proud of and this beautiful album is dedicated to an incredible few people in our lives who we feel have supported and loved us ar all costs and some who have gone on before us but still watch out for us!! I hope this album is added to your Christmas collection and treasured for as long as possible. Looking forward to getting back on the studio for more creations. 

Thank you for your continued support. I present to you, A Christmas In Black & White! Hope you have an amazing day! Stay safe wherever you may be!!!!

Xoxo always!


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